Choir Conduct Statement

Code of Conduct

Vocalise and Youth Choir

  • All members of HCYC, including singers, staff, chaperones, trustees and other volunteers share responsibility for ensuring that being part of HCYC is a positive, safe and enjoyable experience with the focus on high-quality, professional, musical experiences
  • HCYC singers commit to an attitude of mutual respect, professionalism and positive thinking when engaged in any HCYC activity and are expected to respond when any request to improve their standards is made

At rehearsals

  • Singers will follow all reasonable requests by music staff and chaperones straight away and with a positive attitude
  • Singers will treat each other with respect and understanding in all forms of communication, allowing for differences in age
  • Singers will make a proactive and positive contribution towards the maintenance of the rehearsal environment

At external events

  • Singers will conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times
  • Singers will pay attention to all instructions given and will respond swiftly and appropriately
  • Singers will conduct themselves in a manner appropriate to the venue and situation as directed by HCYC staff and other professionals
  • Singers will conduct themselves in a way that respects and cares for their peers, taking different ages into account

Enrolment in the upper choirs at HCYC includes an active commitment to strive to achieve the expectations of this code for all singers