Meet the Team

The Huddersfield Choral Youth Choirs is a registered charity run by a committee of loyal volunteers. If you feel you have the time or skills to contribute to the running of the choirs in any capacity, please do get in touch. You would be very welcome!

All committee members and choir helpers have undergone DBS checks.

Alison North

Musical Director

Alison is well known to music lovers in the Huddersfield area and is best known as the conductor of the multi-award winning Lindley Junior School Choir.

Born into a musical Harrogate family, her long-held desire to teach led to study at Bulmershe College, Reading, where she sang with the award winning Bulmershe Girls’ Choir directed by Gwyn Arch. She began teaching in Leeds, but it was her move to Lindley in 1997 that ignited her passion for children’s choirs.

Alison’s philosophy is simple: it is her desire to share her own passion and love of singing with others; to bring children together and make music to a standard that all can be proud of. She has found endless reward in watching children she has worked with grow in confidence and realise a delight in singing, performance and team work. But, above all, music making must be ‘fun’!

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Jane Robertson

Jane Robertson


Jane is a well-established accompanist and teacher of the pianoforte. At the age of eleven Jane won a Hertfordshire County Scholarship to further her studies at the Watford School of Music under David Paul Martin. At eighteen she moved on to the Royal College of Music in London to study piano. After graduating she gave a number of solo recitals in and around London as well as making recordings and broadcasting live for regional television.

Since moving to Yorkshire she has undertaken freelance accompanying work for solo instrumentalists, singers and vocal groups, performing at international competitions, recitals and exams. She has worked with soloists and ensembles at the Royal Northern College of Music, Leeds College of Music and Huddersfield University.

Jane also performs as a soloist and has undertaken several solo concerto engagements. As a duettist she performs with Kim Kaye in the RO’KA piano duo. In 2007 she undertook the role of Alice Elgar (only the hands!) for a biographical film made for the Elgar Museum in Worcester.

Jane is the resident accompanist for Huddersfield Choral Youth Choirs, Gledholt Male Voice Choir and Honley Ladies Choir. She was formerly the resident accompanist for Alan Simmons’ Mastersingers.


Gareth Beaumont


I have been a member of the Huddersfield Choral Society for nearly 50 years. A semi-professional soloist for many years, I was appointed Chairman of the first Junior Choir over 20 years ago and I have held my current position with the Youth Choirs for three years. An enthusiastic supporter of vocal music for young people, my current role embraces a ‘hands on’ liaison between the Youth Choirs and the Senior Choir.

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Steve Kain

Deputy Chair

I initially got involved with the choirs when my two children joined, and when my wife Carole became secretary I came along to do the ‘lifting and shifting’. I eventually joined the committee and was appointed Deputy Chair in 2014. I support members and professionals at weekly rehearsals and continue to carry out my stage management duties at concerts. I also support our Chair in his work for the choirs.


Carole Kain


I joined the choir committee in 2000 as my daughter was a member of the Children’s Choir, now the Young Voices. I’ve seen many children go through the choirs and grow with confidence and gain so much experience during their time with us. My role is to support members of the choirs, musical professionals and parents. I am the appointed choir safeguarding officer and organise all choir administration. Having had my own two children go through the choirs and enjoy all the different opportunities they have been given, it is a pleasure to be a part of such a wonderful organisation.

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Emily Stones

Publicity Officer

I sang with each section of the choirs over my twelve-year membership from the age of seven. Having thoroughly enjoyed my experience with the choirs, I got involved as a volunteer after returning from university. I now take an active role in running the publicity of the choirs, as well as supporting at weekly rehearsals and concerts.

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Tricia Waller

Committee member

I got involved with the choirs when my son joined the Youth Choir in 2013. It was suggested to us that he join after winning a prize at the Mrs. Sunderland competition and singing in the grand finale concert in the Town Hall. I am really glad we were told about the choir, as Colin loves it and I have gained a choir committee family as a result! I come to weekly rehearsals and help the Youth Choir and Vocalise members, as well as supporting other committee members with the running of the choirs.


Ann Atkinson

Committee member

My son and daughter were both members of the choirs when they were young, and my granddaughter joined the Young Voices in 2013 on the recommendation of her singing teacher, who said it would help her gain confidence. She has certainly grown in confidence with each performance, and regularly volunteers to sing solos. Bringing my granddaughter to choir every week has led to my involvement with the choir and becoming a committee member. You might see me selling tickets at rehearsals or serving refreshments at the concerts.


Jenny Whitehead

Committee member

My son joined the Young Voices to continue his love for singing which began when he was a member of Lindley School choir. I wanted to get involved to help with the running of the choirs, and as a committee member I feel I am an approachable person to choir members and parents. I am at rehearsals each week selling tickets, and I often organise raffles and refreshments at concerts.


John Moran


When my daughter joined the Young Voices in 2006, I stuck around at rehearsals as a parent helper. Since then my son has also joined and I still attend weekly rehearsals, and particularly enjoy supporting the men’s section learn their songs. In 2014, after one of the choirs’ many fundraising events, my sponsorship money counting skills earned me the role of treasurer! You’ll probably see me selling tickets at concerts.

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Ruth Stones

Huddersfield Choral Society member

I was choir secretary for four years when my daughter was a member of the Children’s Choir (now the Young Voices). I handed over to Carole when Emily moved up to the Youth Choir. I have been a member of the Huddersfield Choral Society since 1974, and have seen many members of the Youth Choirs move up to the senior choir in that time. I returned to volunteer four years ago when the Youth Choirs asked for choral members to come and support during rehearsals. I also come to every concert to help supervise.


Lydia Bayliss

Huddersfield Choral Society member and parent helper

I have been a member of the Huddersfield Choral Society since 2001, and was keen for my three daughters to join the Young Voices. I stay at rehearsals each week to help all members of the Young Voices learn the songs, and also help supervise at concerts.


Su Kirby

Huddersfield Choral Society member

My first contact with the Huddersfield Choral Society Youth Choirs was as the parent of a singing member. My son sang with the choir for a short time from 1989. I had no idea then, that I would become a singing member of the Huddersfield Choral Society within two years; over 24 years later, I am still a member. So, I have had an interest in the HCS Youth Choirs for a long time.

When I retired from full-time work I was looking for a good cause to support. Always impressed by the choir’s high standard of performance, I offered to be a helper, which began in September 2008. I mainly help at rehearsals, singing alongside newcomers to help them learn their part. The youngsters are keen to sing well and learn quickly.

It is a joy and a privilege to work with the Young Voices, seeing and hearing them develop as singers and as people.


Jenni Wohlman

Huddersfield Choral Society member

I began singing as soon as I could talk, probably because both my parents sang and my mother was also a pianist. I used to sing at home, at school, at dancing school, at church — anywhere and everywhere I could. The junior choir at church was where I learned to sing harmonies and realised it was singing that I enjoyed doing more than anything else. All through childhood and youth I sang in concerts and shows, eventually studying music with drama at university. The skills I learned as a youngster have enabled me to enjoy participating in music all my life.

My own experiences as a child and the joy and self-belief they engendered meant I was especially pleased when I was asked if I would like to help on Wednesdays. If being available and enthusiastically supporting the singing of the youngsters who attend week by week, often already tired after a busy day at school or college, can serve as any encouragement to this wonderful group to go on making music and achieving the magnificent standard it always does, I am delighted to have the opportunity. It is an honour.